European Election Leaflet

Please see our New European Election leaflet below:      

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Enfield Liberal Democrats Statement on Budget Consultation

The scale of the challenges facing local government cannot be understated, with the twin pressures of rising demands and continuing Tory central government cuts eating into limited resources. Enfield is no different. According to the council’s own figures, they are required to make net cuts of £1...

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Happy New Year from the Enfield Liberal Democrats

The Enfield Liberal Democrats today greeted the New Year with optimism. In 2018, a year in which liberalism faced challenges on all fronts both nationally and internationally, your local Liberal Democrat team kept on fighting and went from strength to strength.

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It's Time for a People's Vote

Theresa May has unveiled her Brexit deal, and, as expected, it is a disaster. It hasn’t got the votes to pass in Parliament, with ministers resigning one after another and MPs from both sides coming out in opposition. It’s going to be another sorry chapter in the Brexit chaos and Westminster infi...

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Conservative plans don't add up

The Conservatives' big idea to cut costs at Enfield Council is to get rid of the consultants. But this is not as good an idea as it first sounds...

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CONsultation Part 4 - Experimental Traffic Orders

Don’t fancy a public enquiry? Don’t worry, there’s a rule for that…

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Welcome to the Enfield Liberal Democrats. We are a friendly and active community group of Enfield residents of all ages and backgrounds who are committed to representing the values of Liberty, Equality and Community in the Borough. We are currently working towards getting Enfield's first ever Lib Dem councillors elected. If you want to see how you can get involved and help give Enfield a Liberal voice please get in touch there are many ways you can contribute and however little or much you can give will always be appreciated.

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