CONsultation Part 4 - Experimental Traffic Orders

Don’t fancy a public enquiry? Don’t worry, there’s a rule for that…

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CONsultation Part 3 - More Unfair Consultations

Enfield Council's consultation on the Quieter Neighbourhood scheme, while for a laudable goal, has provided yet more evidence that we should be concerned about the council's culture of how they treat the opinions of local residents. We have large concerns about if they really want anyone’s opinio...

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CONsultation 2 - Enfield Balloon Let Down

When Enfield Council organised a balloon festival in Enfield Town Park, they wrote to local residents for a consultation. The original proposal mentioned the two dates, that it was a balloon festival and that there would be park restrictions at that time. 

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Annual General Meeting on 11th Oct - with Sarah Olney and Lucy Salek

Please join us for the Enfield Liberal Democrats Annual General Meeting on Thursday 11 October 2018 at 7pm at the Dugdale Centre in Enfield Town. Entry is free, and it is open to all members, supporters, and other members of the public who are interested in the future of our country and our borou...

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The Genotin Road CONsultation?

Are you concerned about the nature of Enfield Council's consultation processes? Consultations should be a way of genuinely involving members of the community in the decisions that affect their future - but there are concerns Enfield Council's processes do not live up to that spirit. 

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Public Transport MUST work for all

For many wheelchair users Enfield’s buses are a lifeline. As we develop Enfield we must remember this. The Council must consider all users and all modes of transport, but it has sometimes fallen short in this goal. 

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Welcome to the Enfield Liberal Democrats. We are a friendly and active community group of Enfield residents of all ages and backgrounds who are committed to representing the values of Liberty, Equality and Community in the Borough. We are currently working towards getting Enfield's first ever Lib Dem councillors elected. If you want to see how you can get involved and help give Enfield a Liberal voice please get in touch there are many ways you can contribute and however little or much you can give will always be appreciated.

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