Matt McLaren launches Council campaign in Winchmore Hill

Matt addresses Enfield Liberal Democrats at campaign launch

Longstanding Liberal Democrat and long-time Winchmore Hill resident Matt McLaren has today announced his candidacy for Enfield Council, saying:​​

"In Winchmore Hill we have been repeatedly let down by the Labour-run Council. They are determined to pursue their own agenda without any consideration whatsoever as to the views of local people.

"The LTNs were imposed & then extended amidst deeply flawed so-called 'consultations' and a refusal to listen to the majority of us just calling for common sense.  Even the Council's own scrutiny panel was denied permission to discuss the public report the Council had itself published. 

"Longstanding & respected local Councillors have quit the Administration because of the leadership's failure to listen. And now, Enfield Labour neither deserves nor expects to be elected in Winchmore Hill.

"My message to residents is therefore simple - do you want to support the same Enfield Conservatives who have stayed loyal to a shamefully corrupt Prime Minister and morally-bankrupt Government, rocked by scandal after scandal; or do you want hardworking local Liberal Democrat Councillors focused exclusively on serving the local community and making sure Winchmore Hill's voice is heard?"

"I will be running a positive, community-centred and issue-based campaign in Winchmore Hill over the next five months. I'm keen to hear from voters about what they want from their Councillors."

National and Local By-Elections have shown that people have had enough of the Tories' entitled attitude to power. The Liberal Democrats are proving that we are the obvious choice for both disaffected Labour and Conservative voters.

Help usher in a new era of true democracy in Enfield for everyone by voting Liberal Democrat on 5th May.

Ballot paper with Lib Dem bird

The full details of Matt's campaign will be detailed on his new website at

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