Enfield Liberal Democrats are committed to improving transport services throughout our borough. We believe that Labour’s bungled Cycle Enfield scheme has unnecessarily damaged local businesses, ignored the concerns of local people, and failed to encourage local residents to take up cycling.  The purpose was to tackle the dangerous levels of air pollution but increased congestion leads to poorer air quality. Here’s our vision for Enfield:

  • Cycle lanes need to be designed in cooperation with local communities, not imposed upon them by the council. Cycle Enfield was implemented in a way that frustrated many local residents and has set back the cause of cycling in Enfield. As the project is now being rolled out on the Hertford Road, it seems Labour have learned nothing from this failure.
  • There are serious safety concerns along the route. Lib Dems would make fixing these an urgent council priority. We want to see a safety audit of the entire route straight away.
  • To reduce the burden on businesses and local residents when projects such as Cycle Enfield are being built, we need to provide extra parking in areas where construction is underway. Disabled parking must be a focus.
  • The existing scheme does little to encourage and assist cyclists. Cycle lanes should not be built in roads where they could worsen congestion, as this exacerbates conflict and air pollution. We will plan and develop scenic alternatives, running through green spaces and on riverside routes, are far better for both cyclists and motorists.
  • We will build a cycling network connecting schools on safe, clean and quieter streets, incorporating green spaces where possible. This will help tackle childhood obesity and encourage our next generation to adopt a sustainable and healthy cycling culture.
  • We are committed to working with TfL to ensure that the money they are investing into our vision will not be tied up with wasteful remedial work to fix problems caused by poor council planning and implementation.
  • Cycle Enfield has eaten up much discretionary transport spending, which is inexcusable given the poor results. We request a full audit of the project to find out where our money is being spent.
  • Labour are now launching an expensive Quieter Neighbourhoods programme to help tackle the rat-runs that Cycle Enfield has created. Labour wasting more of your money!

Liberal Democrats believe better transport builds better, more engaged communities. We will fight to expand access and coverage, and will be stalwart opponents of any proposed cuts in services.

  • We will continue to campaign to improve our train links into London. Working with TfL to make Enfield’s transport more reliable and accessible for all users.
  • We are passionate about improving accessibility for people with disabilities.
  • Reducing congestion and pollution must be a priority.
  • We will make sure no community in our borough is isolated by poor bus service – seeking to improve timetables and routes.
  • We will work with all stakeholders to expand the timetable of the vital W10 bus and make sure it serves Crews Hill station again.
  • Liberal Democrats in Enfield welcome the success of our long campaign for the one-hour bus fare, standing up for London’s lowest paid workers
  • We will reverse the longstanding neglect of Enfield’s roads by the Labour Council. Where roadworks happen, we will work to minimise disruption and all times properly consult both local people and businesses.
  • We will ensure adequate parking across the borough, especially for Blue Badge holders.

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