Tory/UKIP electoral pact– Farron response

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has warned Conservative supporters that a vote for the Tories is a vote for UKIP after revelations that some Conservative MPs have been in negotiations with UKIP to save their seats.

Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron said:

“UKIP might as well take the rest of the election off because the Tories are fighting their campaign for them to rip Britain out of the single market and to end the right to remain for EU citizens.”
After Conservative MP Philip Hollobone reportedly welcomed UKIP-backing in Kettering and admitted he had held talks with Paul Nuttall’s party, Tim Farron said:
“We have a Conservative MP who admits to negotiating with UKIP and praises their proposed ban on burkas. Moderate Conservatives need to ask themselves if there is any difference between the Conservative Party and the vile prejudice of UKIP.”
With reports that UKIP is planning to stand down for hard-Brexit supporting Conservative MPs, Farron said:
“There is a blazer-clad, regressive alliance between UKIP, the Conservatives and even some Labour MPs. The only opposition to these three Brexit-style parties is the Liberal Democrats. There is a clear choice at this election to keep Britain open, tolerant and united – and that is to vote Liberal Democrat.”

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