The Genotin Road CONsultation?

Are you concerned about the nature of Enfield Council's consultation processes? Consultations should be a way of genuinely involving members of the community in the decisions that affect their future - but there are concerns Enfield Council's processes do not live up to that spirit. 

The perception is out there that the council has pre-determined the results before consulting.

Genotin Road Cycle Hub 18th April

The Genotin Road cycle hub is one project that has raised a few eyebrows.

  • 15th April: the council closed a lane on Genotin Road for related work
  • 18th April: the council started work on the building (above picture)
  • 25th April: consultation for the proposal closed

That’s right; work had begun before the consultation on the proposal was closed!

What does this say about the council’s consultation process?

Is it just there to Rubber stamp?

Has the council acted in good faith?

Why does the council ask the taxpayers if they have already made up their mind first?

These questions remain unanswered…

We would love to know your thoughts on Enfield Council's accountability. Mail us at [email protected] and tell us your thoughts. 

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