Policing, Justice and Rights

Policing, Justice and Rights

We need an all-encompassing strategy to tackle crime in Enfield. Increasing community policing, support for victims, and a focus on encouraging pro-social behaviour as well as discouraging anti-social behaviour. Liberal Democrats oppose policing cuts and proposed police station closures. This government’s cuts are especially damaging in light of recent fears over burglaries, knife crime, and other crimes.

  • We will expand Enfield’s PCSO sponsorship programme.
  • On youth gang culture we will implement a borough wide pilot scheme of the Glasgow Initiative, treating knife crime as a public health problem, bringing together all the resources of government, not just the police force, to tackle it. To develop a strategy to reduce knife carrying, we will bring together the NHS, parents and community groups, youth social workers, police, teachers, and the judiciary.
  • Social workers should be on call at every A&E department to engage with the victims of stab wounds.
  • We will support our social workers to ensure we do everything possible to help teachers, parents and students identify potential attacks before they happen.
  • There must also be a renewed focus on rehabilitative and restorative justice and we would look to work with communities to promote these projects.
  • We also need additional equipment for policing in Enfield, including extra police cars for the outskirts of our borough, and body cameras to preserve trust between police and communities.

The Enfield Liberal Democrats are passionate in fighting discrimination and inequality. Tackling prejudice and hate crime are priorities for us. This includes:

  • Supporting immigrants, asylum seekers, and disadvantaged minorities in Enfield.
  • Liberal Democrat councillors will ensure the council is a leader in providing fair workplaces and promoting diversity in the workplace.
  • We will also provide additional support for parents, such as childcare and assistance in returning to work.
  • We will tackle period poverty, by providing free sanitary products in schools.
  • As strong supporters of human rights, we will support local, national, and international campaigns in aid of such causes and promote them across the borough.

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