Pippa Morgan stands for Enfield Southgate

Enfield needs a fresh, new, inspiring anti-Hard Brexit MP

Vote Pippa Morgan, Lib Dem, on June 8th.

Enfield decisively voted Remain but our current MP is a determined Brexiteer. The Tories risk major damage to the British economy through Hard Brexit and Labour are in disarray - Enfield Southgate deserves an MP who will help protect jobs and services.


Pippa Morgan is an adviser to businesses, she works with companies of all sizes and sectors on what matters to their business and the British economy. [Specialising in education and skills Pippa’s passionate that everyone has opportunities to succeed through their education and career.] She knows first-hand the importance of a credible economic policies, and also worked as part of Lib Dem economics expert Vince Cable’s team.

Pippa recently met activist in Southgate Green for their weekly campaign meeting. Pippa was enthusiastically met by the Enfield Party who are committed to helping get her elected for the seat.

Locally Pippa will fight to cut waste by Labour Enfield Council and nationally she’ll work hard for an economy that allows people and business to thrive – opposing Tory plans for a Hard Brexit.  This election is your opportunity to change the direction of this country. Vote Lib Dem

You can follow Pippa on her Facebook Page or Twitter feed 



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