Our Manifesto

This election Enfield sees the resurgence of the Liberal Democrats throughout the Borough to give you the option to vote for real change. We invite you to read our Local Manifesto.

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Enfield deserves a better approach to transport. Liberal Democrats support sustainable transport and healthier living. We also believe answers should come from working with residents and local businesses in a spirit of true co-operation to get the best for us all. Read more



We believe homes should be for people, not profit. Radical solutions are needed to tackle Enfield’s housing crisis. We believe we are the only party with the solution. We are committed to a publicly owned Housing Partnership for Enfield, following the success of Sutton’s Lib Dem-run council, and will implement a Housing First policy to fight homelessness. Read more



Enfield is a leafy suburb of London with many beautiful outdoor spaces; making sure that they are properly maintained is the only way to protect them for future generations. Well maintained public parks are a cornerstone of any public heath initiative and we would enable individuals, sports teams and fitness organizations to make increased use of them. Liberal Democrats believe that projects like the Palmers Greenery Community Cafe offer alternative funding solutions for Enfield's parks. Read more



The Liberal Democrats oppose the recent cuts to local schools.  Attempts to make schools follow the academy and free school models, don’t always work. Liberal Democrats will engage with local residents and educators to determine the right locations for much needed new schools in the borough. Education doesn’t stop at school and we will support adult education in Enfield.  Read  more



Locally we will always oppose policies that target Enfield’s most vulnerable residents, as we did last year when this Labour Council proposed substantial cuts to support for carers.  Nationally the Liberal Democrats support a ring-fenced tax for the NHS and social care provision, with a penny on the pound rise on all income tax bandsRead more



The Liberal Democrats are the party of community policing. We support the excellent work our Safer Neighbourhood Teams are doing despite the extreme cuts of this Conservative government.  We will expand Enfield’s Police Community Support Officer Sponsorship programme to make a safer borough. We will treat youth gang violence and knife crime as priorities.  Read more



The Liberal Democrats are the party of local government; we know that the best people to inform decisions in Enfield are its residents.  Labour’s recent consultations in Enfield have left residents feeling ignored.  We are committed to ensuring all public consultations are transparent and offer genuine choice. Liberal Democrats support reducing the voting age to 16 nationally and wish to expand the role of Enfield’s Youth Parliament. Giving our young people a stake in the borough, develops the future leaders of Enfield.  Read more



The Liberal Democrats are the party standing up for Britain’s place in Europe. We stand with the majority of voters in Enfield who rejected Brexit. Yet again, both Labour and the Tories are not listening to you, blindly driving us towards a hard Brexit cliff edge. Read more



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