Open letter to Labour voters in Enfield

If you are still clinging on to the idea that Labour can win in Enfield Southgate, ask yourself this question: can a party led by Jeremy Corbyn win over the Conservative votes it needs to get over the line whilst also holding on to all the people who voted for Labour last time?


The only sensible answer when Corbyn’s hard-left economic policies are anathema to anyone with a mere nucleotide of Tory DNA and the Labour’s leader support for the Remain campaign was grudging at best is a resounding ‘no’.

As such, voting for Pippa Morgan and the Liberal Democrats is a no brainer.

Winning Enfield Southgate for the Liberal Democrats is a long shot but it is the only shot if we are to remove the Brexiter incumbent David Burrowes by building an unassailable coalition of Remainers.

Only the Liberal Democrats can win by reaching out to voters on both the left and right.

So be pragmatic and lend us your support; we are the moderate, progressive, pro-European voice of Enfield.  

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