NHS trusts overspend by £770m despite bail-outs: Lamb responds

Former health minister Norman Lamb has said that the Conservatives are leaving the NHS in an impossible position after revelations that NHS trusts overspent by £770m.

Norman Lamb, Liberal Democrat Health spokesperson, said: 

"The underlying financial state of the NHS is even worse than these figures suggest, with the real deficit around £2.5bn.

"The level of bail-outs are unsustainable. The financial crisis will have a direct impact on patient care. Most of the additional money has been used to bail out acute hospital trusts.

"The only long-term solution is a dedicated health and social care tax to give the NHS the money it needs. Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats are proposing a penny on income tax for the NHS and social care to tackle the crisis that is growing worse under this uncaring Conservative government."

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