Our Manifesto for Enfield 2022

Today, the Enfield Liberal Democrats have launched their manifesto ahead of the 2022 Enfield Local Council Elections, entitled Change Enfield Together.

You can read it here. 

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Our Candidates


Here is our list of Candidates for the Enfield Council Election 2022

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Enfield Lib Dems Outraged at Council’s Failure to Listen on Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTNs)

Last night Councillors from across Enfield were directly presented with the many manifest failings concerning the data relied upon by the Council to make the Bowes LTN permanent. Despite this, Enfield Council’s Overview & Scrutiny Committee, meeting to discuss two call ins of the Bowes LTN decision, voted to confirm the decision rather than refer it back to Council Leader Nesil Caliskan. The call in submitted by the Community First group of Liberal Democrat, Green and independent Councillors focused entirely on the failure of the Council’s report to present any data which conclusively, robustly and objectively showed that the trial had been a success.

Speaking on behalf of Community First when presenting the call in to the Committee, independent Councillor Daniel Anderson (Southgate Green) said the basis for referring to decision back to the Council Leader was clear and ultimately consisted in the total failure of the report relied upon to provide data on two crucial questions: “The first is whether the supposed benefits of the scheme’s implementation outweigh any resulting harm which may be caused, and the second is whether as a direct result of the scheme’s implementation it led to a reduction in vehicle pollution, improved air quality and encouraged safe active travel.

Responding on behalf of the Council’s administration, Council Leader Nesil Caliskan responded to Cllr Anderson’s remarks by stating that “either you want to do something about air quality, or you don’t”, completely ignoring the fact that her own Council officers admitted in their official response to the Community First call in that the data presented in the Bowes LTN report failed to evidence any improvement in the borough’s air quality.

After having observed the proceedings in the chamber, which were interrupted several times by despondent residents frustrated at the continual refusal of the Council to engage with any legitimate criticism of its approach, Liberal Democrat Councillor Ayfer Orhan (Ponders End) said this:

“This whole process was farcical. Here we have colleagues detailing, in precise terms and with reference to general standards of scientific methodology, exactly what is wrong with the approach taken by the Council and all Cllr Caliskan can say is, basically, either you’re with us or against us.

“What on Earth happened to evidence-based policy? Either you trial something for 18 months, gather robust data, and then make an informed decision. Or you take a political decision based on nothing more than ideology, opinion and wishful thinking.

“By refusing to engage with the clear flaws in the data presented to the Committee and then not even being willing to refer the decision back for review, it’s now clearer than ever that loyalty to the Council Leader counts far more than robust evidence among the ranks of the Labour administration.

“Unfortunately, the losers from this will be the Bowes community itself, along with care workers, the vulnerable and people with disabilities, and anyone else caught in their money-making scheme. Enfield Labour really have abandoned their values, truly disappointing.”

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Enfield Lib Dems back call in of Bowes LTN decision, slamming Council for severe data failures & deciding based on 'wishful thinking'

Lib Dem Councillor Ayfer Orhan and Council candidate Matt McLaren prepare to march against the new Edmonton incinerator

Following the call in signed by Liberal Democrat Councillor Ayfer Orhan of the decision on New Year’s Eve to make the Bowes LTN permanent, tomorrow night’s meeting of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee will review Council Leader Nesil Caliskan’s verdict on the matter.

Liberal Democrat Cllr Ayfer Orhan (Ponders End) earlier this month signed the ‘call in’ put forward by the Community First group on Enfield Council (containing Lib Dem, Green and independent Councillors) arguing that the decision, sneaked out by the Council on New Year’s Eve, to make the Bowes LTN permanent was manifestly flawed because the report on which the decision was based failed to evidence its conclusions with robust data and instead relied on opinions and ‘wishful thinking’.

Specifically, the call in signed by Cllr Orhan stated: ‘The comprehensive list of factors referred to in the decision statement have not been defined. There is a lack of any evidenced-based assumptions, or provision of the models used to independently verify the statements contained within the report, which therefore fails to provide measurable criteria for reaching the conclusions that have been presented. Instead, the report relies upon opinions, hopes and wishful thinking of a change in behaviour.'

Commenting in advance of tomorrow night’s Oversight & Scrutiny Committee meeting, Liberal Democrat Councillor Ayfer Orhan (Ponders End, Enfield), said:

“I am astonished that the Council appears to be basing a decision which potentially makes life more difficult for thousands of local residents on nothing but hopes and wishes despite having 18 months to gather concrete data to support their view. For those that have actually read the report on which this decision was based, it is abundantly clear that there is no robust evidence-base for continuing the so-called Quieter Neighbourhood scheme in Bowes.

“Data included in the report is clearly affected by both the pandemic and the petrol shortage last Autumn without these impacts being properly accounted for and, in their response to the concerns of myself and Community First colleagues, officers have now confirmed that they cannot conclude from the evidence provided that the Bowes LTN has succeeded in having any positive effect whatsoever on emissions and air quality in the borough.

“Meanwhile, local residents are being gouged at every turn (including the recent disgusting case of a mental health worker being hit with a penalty despite responding to an immediate risk of suicide) all so millions can be raised in a desperate attempt to cover the Council’s shortfalls.

“Liberal Democrats believe in policy action to improve air quality and urgently address the climate emergency, but if the Council’s Labour administration really wanted to tackle these issues then they would stop trying to implement divisive LTNs on the basis of extremely poor consultations and wholly insufficient evidence and instead immediately withdraw their support for the new, enormously expanded Edmonton incinerator as well as commissioning an urgent impact assessment of its likely emissions on the borough’s air quality.”

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Liberal Democrats across North London United in March Against Incinerator

North London Liberal Democrats attending the Stop the Incinerator march in Edmonton on Sunday

At yesterday’s march against the planned new, hugely expanded Edmonton incinerator Liberal Democrat Councillors, Council candidates, and activists from across North London united to protest the new build backed by Enfield Council.

At a march in Edmonton yesterday organised by the Stop The Edmonton Incinerator Now campaign, the broadbased coalition which unites members of more than 50 campaign groups in opposition to the new incinerator, hundreds of concerned local citizens, families and civic groups convened to make their voices heard against the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) plans.

Among them were local Liberal Democrat Councillors Ayfer Orhan and Scott Emery, along with Lib Dem Council candidates Matt McLaren and Dr Iman Saadoune, joined by many other Lib Dem activists plus Together for Enfield independent candidates including former Councillor Don McGowan.

Commenting after attending yesterday’s march, Liberal Democrat Council candidate Matt McLaren (Winchmore Hill, Enfield) said:

“Whereas both Labour and Conservative Councillors on the NLWA board just voted to approve the enormously expanded Edmonton incinerator, Liberal Democrats from all across North London are united in our fight against these catastrophic plans which will see all efforts to manage local waste more sustainably completely undermined for decades to come.

“Moreover, just this week we learned at the (informal) meeting of the Environment & Climate Action Scrutiny Panel that Enfield Council has not only failed to do any assessment whatsoever of the impact of the huge new incinerator on the borough’s air quality, but that it has absolutely no plans to do so!

“Given that Council officers presenting to the meeting stated clearly that all and any sources of combustion in the borough contribute to dangerous PM10 and Nitrogen Dioxide emissions, I can only assume that Enfield Council is being wilfully negligent in pursuit of a Labour Administration policy objective. This is an utter travesty.”

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Enfield Lib Dems slam 'deliberately misleading' response from Mayor over extraordinary Council meeting

In an open letter to the Mayor of Enfield this morning, Liberal Democrat Council candidate for Winchmore Hill Matt McLaren has slammed the Mayor of Enfield for an email which contains ‘wholly untrue’ and potentially ‘deliberately misleading’ statements.

This email was sent to local residents like him from the Mayor’s office after many residents requested an extraordinary meeting of the Council be convened urgently to debate the new, hugely expanded Edmonton incinerator before the contract for its development is signed in a few days’ time.

Many Enfield residents wrote to the Mayor last week, following a call from the Stop The Incinerator campaign for residents to write in and request that an extraordinary meeting of the Council be summoned to debate the issue before the contract is signed. This followed a request for such a meeting being put to the Mayor, signed by five Councillors in the Community First Group (which includes Lib Dem, Green and Independent Councillors) on 4th January 2022.

Matt and fellow residents who responded to Stop the Incinerator’s call received no reply from the Mayor’s office until yesterday, In it, Enfield Mayor Cllr Sabri Ozaydin claimed (we believe falsely) that he had no power under the Council’s constitution to convene a meeting of the full Council that would meet earlier than 19th January (by which time the contract for the incinerator would already have been signed) and in fact he would not convene an extraordinary meeting until 26th January – somewhat farcically meeting on the same night as ordinary meeting of the Council already scheduled for that date.

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Enfield Lib Dems join calls for Emergency Council Meeting

Enfield Liberal Democrats have joined the chorus of local residents and organisations demanding the Mayor schedule an extraordinary meeting of Enfield Council following the decision of the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) in December to approve plans for new, hugely expanded incinerator in Edmonton.

Writing on the local Nextdoor social media platform today, Winchmore Hill Council candidate Matt McLaren said today:

"After both Labour and Conservative Councillors on the local Waste Authority board voted in favour of the new giant monstrosity planned for Edmonton, it is up to us local residents to do what we can to stop this. Today I wrote to the Mayor of Enfield, as both a local resident and Liberal Democrat Council candidate for Winchmore Hill, asking for an extraordinary meeting of Enfield Council to be convened on this urgently."

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Matt McLaren launches Council campaign in Winchmore Hill

Matt addresses Enfield Liberal Democrats at campaign launch

Longstanding Liberal Democrat and long-time Winchmore Hill resident Matt McLaren has today announced his candidacy for Enfield Council, saying:​​

"In Winchmore Hill we have been repeatedly let down by the Labour-run Council. They are determined to pursue their own agenda without any consideration whatsoever as to the views of local people.

"The LTNs were imposed & then extended amidst deeply flawed so-called 'consultations' and a refusal to listen to the majority of us just calling for common sense.  Even the Council's own scrutiny panel was denied permission to discuss the public report the Council had itself published. 

"Longstanding & respected local Councillors have quit the Administration because of the leadership's failure to listen. And now, Enfield Labour neither deserves nor expects to be elected in Winchmore Hill.

"My message to residents is therefore simple - do you want to support the same Enfield Conservatives who have stayed loyal to a shamefully corrupt Prime Minister and morally-bankrupt Government, rocked by scandal after scandal; or do you want hardworking local Liberal Democrat Councillors focused exclusively on serving the local community and making sure Winchmore Hill's voice is heard?"

"I will be running a positive, community-centred and issue-based campaign in Winchmore Hill over the next five months. I'm keen to hear from voters about what they want from their Councillors."

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Councillor Ayfer Orhan opposes Edmonton Incinerator plans

Cllr Ayfer Orhan campaigns with Enfield Lib Dems in Whitewebbs

Councillor Ayfer Orhan (Ponders End Ward, Liberal Democrat) opposes the Edmonton Incinerator plans. Ayfer made the following statement on this:

There is no justice in the new Edmonton Incinerator.

There is no social justice in its location, its being approved in one of the poorest areas in England where air pollution is already breaking legal limits and 65% of our residents are from an ethnic minority whilst incinerators in more middle-class areas of the country are being rejected as not being in keeping with the local neighbourhood.

Is our Council endorsing more pollution for our children on the basis of they are already being poisoned anyway?

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Councillor Ayfer Orhan joins the Liberal Democrats

Councillor Ayfer Orhan (Ponders End Ward) has joined the Liberal Democrats. Ayfer will sit as a Liberal Democrat councillor and continue to be a part of the Community First grouping on Enfield Council.

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Together for Enfield partnership launched for May 2022 Council elections

Enfield Liberal Democrats and Local Independents, including both current and former Enfield Councillors, have announced a new partnership to take Enfield into a brighter future - Together for Enfield

Our vision is for a borough where people’s voices are heard and the Council contains people who represent you, not just their parties.

When either Labour or Conservatives in our present Council make a proposal, whatever the idea, this alone is enough for the other party to automatically vote against it out of party allegiance rather than principle. We believe that we are best served by actually allowing Councillors to represent their local residents’ views and deliver on things that matter to them. We will work positively with local communities, businesses, organisations and with other councillors to enhance the wellbeing of Enfield’s people and environment.

As we look ahead to next year’s elections, we remain committed to working together. We will be fielding a joint list of candidates for the 2022 Council elections to show that there is a better inclusive way for Enfield, where we work together for the common good. We believe we all achieve more by working together.

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Our Candidate for the Bush Hill Park By-Election


Our Candidate in the Bush Hill Park Councillor By-Election on July 1st is Ade Adetula

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Enfield Lib Dems announce By-Election candidates

Enfield Liberal Democrats have unveiled their candidates for the by-elections in Chase, Southbury and Jubilee on May 6th.

Luke Cummings for Southbury Ward

Guy Russo for Enfield Chase Ward

Iman Saadoune for Jubilee Ward


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Guy Russo launches campaign for Chase by-election


Enfield Liberal Democrats are pleased to announce Guy Russo as our candidate for the Chase by-election on May 6th.

He is standing to protect Whitewebbs, make Chase a better place to live in and be a listening, hard-working councillor for the community.

Guy has always lived in Chase and like so many is deeply angry at the way the Council have treated locals.


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Huge Win - 456 bus about to launch!

A major Lib Dem priority for Enfield is about to become a reality, after TFL finally confirmed the 456 bus route will begin in Enfield from Saturday 13th of March.

Enfield Lib Dems first called for a new bus route to improve the W10 bus route in 2018.

Enfield Lib Dem campaigner Guy Russo said:

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Guy Russo demands Whitewebbs Protection

Guy Russo, Liberal Democrat campaigner in Enfield Chase, has launched a petition calling on Enfield Council to protect Whitewebbs as it leases it to private developers.

Guy says that any development must keep the current level of public access, and protect the ancient woodland.

"This historic green space belongs to the community." says Guy, who grew up in Chase and, like so many, has many fond memories from Whitewebbs over the years.

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We cannot stand by as thousands are left homeless this winter

We cannot stand by as thousands are left homeless this winter

Now more than ever, we need a compassionate approach to homelessness.

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Let's give coronavirus heroes the right to stay

Those who have put their lives at risk for our country should be welcome to live in it.

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James Theoharris Martin on Black Lives Matter

My name is James, I am 33 years old and the diversity officer for Enfield Liberal Democrats. As a mixed-race man who grew up in a working class family in Tottenham, racism exposed itself in myriad forms. From slum like impoverishment, gang related shootings and stabbings, having the worst performing schools in the country, neglectful social services, poor housing governance, a high concentration of muggings and burglaries, undernourished children and so on. 

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Ed Davey - Abolish suspicionless stop and search

"A black person is 47 times more likely to be stopped and searched," says Lib Dem Ed Davey, will the PM "abolish suspicionless stop and search powers?" - Watch the video by pressing Read More

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Enfield Town Protest - Sat 13th June

Join the Enfield Stand Up to Racism protest this Saturday 13th June at Chase Green at 10.30am

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Palmers Green Protest - Sat 13th June

Join the Enfield Stand Up to Racism protest this Saturday 13th June at Broomfield Park, Palmers Green at 2pm

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Enfield Action Day Sunday 27/10

This Sunday 27 October we are having an action day based in the Upstairs room at the Kings Head, 1 The Green, Winchmore Hill, London N21 1BB starting at 11 am. Come along and meet everyone!

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Stop Brexit March

This Saturday October 19th join us on the march - Details here

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Siobhan Benita addressing a public meeting in Enfield alongide Lord Adonis

Lib Dem London Mayoral candidate, Siobhan Benita (right) addresses the crowd at a public meeting in Enfield Town alongside Lord Adonis (left)

Only a few days into ultra-Brexiter Boris Johnson’s premiership, Liberal Democrat candidate for London Mayor Siobhan Benita took to the stage at the Dugdale Centre in Enfield Town on Friday night to address the concerns of local residents as to what Brexit might mean for them in London’s northern-most Borough.

At a public meeting organised by Enfield for Europe, a non-partisan pro-EU local grouping; Siobhan was a keynote speaker addressing the Enfield audience on the subject of Brexit and what it could mean for the local community. Sharing a platform with outspoken Remainer Lord Adonis – Siobhan set out the unequivocally pro-Remain position of the Liberal Democrats, the same position which saw the Party win the popular vote across London in the recent European election.

Speaking at the event on Friday, Siobhan said “Any form of Brexit will damage London’s standing in the world and significantly diminish the opportunities available to hard-working Londoners in places like Enfield.

“This Tory Government’s reckless pursuit of Brexit at any cost poses an enormous threat to Londoners in Enfield and beyond, and is being propped up by Labour’s disingenuous fence-sitting on the biggest issue of our time.

“As the recent European Elections clearly showed, the Liberal Democrats are the only party representing London’s values and opposition to Brexit.”

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Lib Dems Far Ahead in London


Latest poll for London shows Lib Dems 9 points ahead of Labour and 12 ahead of the Conservatives.

Lib Dem Leadership Race

See Sky News Coverage Highlights of Jo Swinson and Ed Davey and their answers on Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson.


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New Fighting Brexit Meeting

We are delighted to say Andrew Adonis and Siobhan Benita are coming to Enfield to give a talk on Brexit, followed by a Q&A and discussion.

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European Election Leaflet

Please see our New European Election leaflet below:




Enfield Liberal Democrats Statement on Budget Consultation

The scale of the challenges facing local government cannot be understated, with the twin pressures of rising demands and continuing Tory central government cuts eating into limited resources. Enfield is no different.

According to the council’s own figures, they are required to make net cuts of £18 million in this year - greater than their combined net spending on Housing Services, Leisure, Culture, Libraries, Parks and Open Spaces. This is in addition to £178 million in cuts since 2010.

The Enfield Liberal Democrats appreciate the scale of the challenge facing the council. We also recommend all Enfield residents fill out the consultations online, to ensure their voices are heard. We call on the Council to prioritise services to the most vulnerable and their families.

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Happy New Year from the Enfield Liberal Democrats

The Enfield Liberal Democrats today greeted the New Year with optimism. In 2018, a year in which liberalism faced challenges on all fronts both nationally and internationally, your local Liberal Democrat team kept on fighting and went from strength to strength.

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It's Time for a People's Vote

Theresa May has unveiled her Brexit deal, and, as expected, it is a disaster.

It hasn’t got the votes to pass in Parliament, with ministers resigning one after another and MPs from both sides coming out in opposition. It’s going to be another sorry chapter in the Brexit chaos and Westminster infighting that we’ve seen since the referendum.

The deal doesn’t meet the promises made by the Leave campaign - no extra money for the NHS, and we’re losing control, regulatory influence, and international power rather than gaining it. It’ll weaken rather than strengthen our democracy. The deal’s answers to the key questions about our country’s future are worryingly vague. It’s not good for jobs, the economy, Enfield, or the United Kingdom.

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Conservative plans don't add up

The Conservatives' big idea to cut costs at Enfield Council is to get rid of the consultants. But this is not as good an idea as it first sounds...

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CONsultation Part 4 - Experimental Traffic Orders

Don’t fancy a public enquiry? Don’t worry, there’s a rule for that…

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CONsultation Part 3 - More Unfair Consultations

Enfield Council's consultation on the Quieter Neighbourhood scheme, while for a laudable goal, has provided yet more evidence that we should be concerned about the council's culture of how they treat the opinions of local residents. We have large concerns about if they really want anyone’s opinion if it doesn’t match theirs.

Residents affected by the recent Fernleigh Road area scheme have complained about a number of issues with the process

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CONsultation 2 - Enfield Balloon Let Down

When Enfield Council organised a balloon festival in Enfield Town Park, they wrote to local residents for a consultation. The original proposal mentioned the two dates, that it was a balloon festival and that there would be park restrictions at that time. 

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Annual General Meeting on 11th Oct - with Sarah Olney and Lucy Salek

Please join us for the Enfield Liberal Democrats Annual General Meeting on Thursday 11 October 2018 at 7pm at the Dugdale Centre in Enfield Town. Entry is free, and it is open to all members, supporters, and other members of the public who are interested in the future of our country and our borough.

To help us manage numbers, please email us at: [email protected] if you are planning to come along.

We are delighted to announce that we will be joined by Sarah Olney and Lucy Salek. Sarah Olney is the former Liberal Democrat MP for Richmond Park, who won an amazing by-election victory in 2016, scoring a 30% swing and picking up a formerly safe Conservative seat, defeating Zac Goldsmith. Lucy Salek was the Parliamentary candidate in the Lewisham East by-election earlier this year, achieving a 20% swing in a strong second place and sending a message to Labour leadership that they cannot take pro-European voters for granted.

Activists and campaigners from all over Enfield will be attending: it is also a chance to meet Rob Wilson, our candidate in the upcoming by-election for the vacant council seat in Bush Hill Park. The Enfield Liberal Democrats have gone from strength to strength, and with your help we can elect Enfield’s first Liberal Democrat councillor and reshape Enfield politics.

Entry is free and one Member who attends will, chosen at random, win a £50 Gift Card.

The first part of the evening will be a series of talks about the party and its role in Enfield. This will be open to the public at large as well. This will be followed by a small break with food to get to meet the speakers and the other party members.

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The Genotin Road CONsultation?

Are you concerned about the nature of Enfield Council's consultation processes? Consultations should be a way of genuinely involving members of the community in the decisions that affect their future - but there are concerns Enfield Council's processes do not live up to that spirit. 

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Public Transport MUST work for all

For many wheelchair users Enfield’s buses are a lifeline.

As we develop Enfield we must remember this. The Council must consider all users and all modes of transport, but it has sometimes fallen short in this goal. 

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Enfield Liberal Democrats knife crime policy adopted







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Enfield Liberal Democrats Demand Better

Enfield Liberal Democrats went to scrutinise Enfield Council in action and were dismayed by how poorly the Borough is served by the current set up. Petty squabbling, a lack of vision for Enfield and unacceptable conduct was the order of the day.


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Liberal Democrats from Enfield took centre stage at the Party’s annual Conference in Brighton this week. In a debate taking place on Sunday afternoon setting out the Party’s policy on Britain’s place in a changing world; local resident, three-time Lib Dem candidate for Enfield Council and former European Parliamentary candidate Matt J. McLaren took to the podium to set out the case for free trade.

In a speech broadcast live on the BBC’s Parliament channel, Mr McLaren argued against the trade polices advocated by controversial US President Donald Trump – saying that Trump’s protectionist agenda not only cuts off “honest sellers of quality products in developing nations from their customer base” but makes “products in our home economy more expensive for consumers and businesses alike”. “Ultimately everyone is poorer” whenever tariffs are imposed and barriers raised to free trade, McLaren concluded.

In summing up the case against Trumpian economics, McLaren said “Free trade empowers developing nations, lowers prices at home, prevents arbitrary interference by small-minded despots like Trump, and is ultimately the liberal approach.

After watching the debate in the auditorium, Chair of Enfield Liberal Democrats Dave Mitchell said: “It is great to see local campaigners from Enfield leading the national debate on these hugely important issues. International trade may seem like a remote issue but ultimately what we’re talking about here is how expensive products are in our local Enfield supermarkets. As we face falling off the Brexit cliff edge, our trade position will dramatically affect the price of everything from tea and coffee to fruit and veg. Liberal Democrats will always argue for policies which keep prices as low as possible for struggling local families trying to make ends meet, in addition to supporting the continuing development of nations which supply us with the many and various things which we have all grown accustomed to enjoying.”

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Palmers Green Festival - A Perfect Day

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our stand at the Palmers Green Festival on 2 September 2018. Some fantastic suggestions for making Enfield a happier and healthier place to live were shared on our 'ideas tree.' Local issues will be taken up with the appropriate authorities and campaigns arranged where possible.

We will also be following up national issues such as access to mental health services at the annual Liberal Democrats conference which takes place later this month in Brighton.



Empty Homes

Are you tired of each side blaming the other while local people aren’t getting the houses they need? We certainly are...

Enfield High Street has a number of empty flats sitting above the shops at a time Enfield is in desperate need of housing. Enfield council is trying to build more houses but is suffering delays, we have to use all possible housing stock and it’s a crying shame we have unused housing stock at this time of need.

The housing gateway instrument could be used for this. It is designed to secure local properties for local people with housing needs after all…

Either they aren’t using it properly or it’s not the right solution.

It is not good enough at this time of need for Labour to say the Conservatives are cutting our budgets and the Conservatives saying Labour are wasting money.

Enfield Liberal Democrats offer solutions instead of point scoring.

We would build a housing policy that has been proven to work that involves both the public and private sector.

We have already done this in Lewisham and it provides 19,000 houses.

We could do this here, will you join us in making homes available for local people? Mail us on [email protected] and let’s get this working

Thank you - Election Results 3 May 2018



The Liberal Democrats had a brilliant result in local elections throughout England. We were the only party to make a net gain in councils held. In Enfield, we quadrupled our vote share and had strong performances in all our target wards.  Check out the full results here.  We'd like to thank everyone who volunteered their time on the campaign trail and also to everyone who voted Lib Dem.

Our members get to shape the future of the party and the policies we adopt. With the Lib Dem fightback truly underway, there has never been a better time to join the party.




Thanks again to all your help.

Televised Debates

I'm very proud to let you all know that Enfield Liberal Democrats really represented our values and our party to the highest level in all three televised hustings. I have included the links below for you to watch


Guy Russo New Candidates

Rob Wilson Major Issues

Dave Mitchell Leaders Debate


Please watch and leave positive feedback on the sites.


Lib Dems standing up against Hard Brexit

Enfield Liberal Democrats came out in force to support cross party group Enfield for Europe in their campaign to give us a vote on the final deal. As the Government's position looks to head us towards ad ruinous hard Brexit the decision is too important to leave to the politicians. The Borough of Enfield voted in favour of remain and this doesn't look like a Brexit that works for everyone.


The Liberal Democrats are proud to once again stand with our friends in Enfield for Europe to campaign to give YOU the final say.

Manifesto Lauch

Enfield saw the most comprehensive manifesto ever launched by the Liberal Democrats in Enfield. See the coverage in the Independent Here

Read the Manifesto Here


Brexit - a viewpoint by Stuart Laycock

It is a long time since our nation has been as divided as it currently is over Brexit. But however you voted in the Brexit referendum or if you chose not to vote there are probably more bits almost everyone can agree on than you might think, and as we advance into 2018, those areas are only going to become more important.

a) It would have been nice to have more and better information from both Leave and Remain campaigns about what leaving the EU would actually mean for the UK economy. b) If Brexit is going to happen the UK needs its most powerful and effective negotiating team working on it and working on assessing the likely impact of various models of Brexit. c) Whatever happens, the sooner we never have to hear about Brexit ever again, the better.

On point a) there was no excuse and is no excuse now for deliberate attempts to mislead, but to be fair to both Remain and Leave campaigns it was hard to give reliable predictions when so many factors were unknown, particularly the attitude of the EU. At this stage, though, it is possible to make much more accurate predictions.

On point b) there can be few among both Leavers and Remainers who really believe that the UK's negotiating team has so far been massively effective and few who really believe it will suddenly become so in 2018. Equally many among both Leavers and Remainers must be hugely concerned that the government seems to have done so little to assess the likely economic impact of different types of Brexit.

On point c) the only route to settling the Brexit question forever and reuniting the country is to make sure that the results of whatever finally happens with Brexit are as good for Britain as possible.

The ONLY route to dealing with all the difficult points raised by a), b) and c) is a second referendum where the British people get to decide whether they think the Brexit deal finally agreed is better than the EU deal we currently have. In a proud democracy, surely it is the people themselves who deserve the final say on exactly what their future will look like.

Lib Dems' Unlimited "Hopper" Bus Fare policy starts this month

Image result for caroline pidgeon


Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member and the party’s London spokesperson, commenting on Sadiq Khan’s announcement that the Hopper bus fare will start to take unlimited trips within an hour from later this month said:

“Lib Dems have been campaigning for a 1-hour bus ticket for a decade Read more

Don't forget to register to vote for the local election by 17 April 2018

Register to vote in the local election on 3 May 2018 here!

It usually takes 5 minutes and you should register by 17 April 2018.   EU citizens are allowed to vote in local elections, so send a clear message and vote the only pro-European party.

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In Focus: Enfield Lib Days Lunch Group

Our Liberal Lunch Group is fast becoming the backbone of the party! 


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Winter Quiz in Winchmore Hill

The Enfield LibDems End of Year Quiz gathered together some of our longest serving members and some brand new ones. This was our first social event in years - and what a success! A fun night out with lots of trivia, a raffle ... and a star prize.

We got to meet each other and know our local party better.

Held in Winchmore Hill, the Quiz night was really well attended and raised a nice amount of money for the party.

Looking forward to the next social!

Local LibDem team stands up for Southgate Green residents

Sick of being ignored?

The Enfield Liberal Democrats have decided to stand up for residents in Southgate Green in next year’s local government elections. On issues from road safety, council projects hurting local businesses, care for our elderly and disabled residents, air pollution, congestion and allocation of resources to our borough’s schools, we want to represent your concerns and get better outcomes for you by bringing a third way into Enfield’s political landscape.

We have ambitious plans to improve public transport in the borough, including looking to get our rail operators run by TFL, extending and improving regularity of the key bus services used by our elderly residents, and lessen the impact caused by the Green Lanes cycle lane implementation.

All of these, and much more, can be achieved if we have our local councillors!



Local LibDems Join Pro-Europe March

Victory for Local Carers

Council's Disastrous Cut Scrapped

Local carers, who were furious with Labour-run Enfield Council’s plan to cut financial aid worth £1400 a year to those that care for vulnerable, elderly and disabled residents are now celebrating after a successful public awareness campaign has forced the council to drop the immoral and nonsensical proposal.

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May challenged to publish report on Saudi funding of extremism in UK

The Liberal Democrats have challenged Theresa May to publish a report looking into foreign funding of extremism in the UK that she sat on as Home Secretary, and continues to do so as Prime Minister.

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Clegg: NHS will be left with Theresa May’s £265m Brexit bill

Brexit will inflict serious staff shortages on the NHS creating a £265m bill to re-hire doctors and nurses from the EU after 2019, research by the Liberal Democrats has revealed.


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Ed Davey: May must challenge Trump over climate change agreement

The Liberal Democrats have called on Theresa May to urgently speak out and challenge Donald Trump following reports he is set to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement on tackling climate change.

Sir Ed Davey, who played a key role in negotiating the agreement as Liberal Democrat Energy and Climate Change Secretary, commented:

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NHS trusts overspend by £770m despite bail-outs: Lamb responds

Former health minister Norman Lamb has said that the Conservatives are leaving the NHS in an impossible position after revelations that NHS trusts overspent by £770m.

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Lib Dems replace TV Election Broadcast with personal message from Tim Farron

The Liberal Democrats have withdrawn their Party Election Broadcast that was due to air on BBC One in England this evening.  The party is replacing it with a heartfelt, personal and non-political message from leader Tim Farron following the heinous attack in Manchester on Monday.

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Open letter to Labour voters in Enfield

If you are still clinging on to the idea that Labour can win in Enfield Southgate, ask yourself this question: can a party led by Jeremy Corbyn win over the Conservative votes it needs to get over the line whilst also holding on to all the people who voted for Labour last time?


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Lib Dems commit to international development spending

Liberal Democrats have today committed to protecting international development spending, set at 0.7% of gross national income.

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Lib Dems to reinstate bursaries for student nurses

Speaking at the Royal College of Nursing Congress today, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron, has confirmed that the Party would reinstate student bursaries, which benefit nursing, midwifery and allied health students, with immediate effect.


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Lib Dems respond to UKIP's claim that May has stolen their policies

Today Patrick O'Flynn, UKIP's Spokesperson on the Economy, said: "we could I think be forgiven for finding it galling that the ever-pragmatic Tory party has lately donned so many of our clothes"

This statement comes as a poll finds that people think the Conservatives are more right-wing than UKIP.

Responding, Tom Brake, Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs Spokesperson and candidate for Carshalton and Wallington said:

"Theresa May has shown no shame and seems happy to parrot Farage's lines in a desperate bid to gain more votes.

"Whilst UKIP might think this is just pragmatism, many people will find it disgusting.

"The referendum result has left a deeply divided Britain, but instead of trying to bring people together Theresa May seems intent on widening the divide.

"The Liberal Democrats are the only party fighting for an open, tolerant and united Britain."

Lib Dems would introduce 5p disposable coffee cup charge

Currently 2.5 billion disposable cups are thrown away every year in the UK – around 7 million every day - and fewer than 1 in 400 are recycled.

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How we can lead the Tory opposition in Enfield Southgate

Knocking on doors it’s clear that support for us is bouncing back strongly, so we could yet spring a surprise in Enfield Southgate and be part of a Lib Dem North London cluster with neighbouring Hornsey & Wood Green.

Don’t knock it; stranger things have happened.

After all, this is a heavily pro-Remain constituency and we are Britain’s European party. We also have a great candidate in Pippa Morgan.

But key to achieving that coveted Lib Dem breakthrough is overcoming the reluctance of traditional Labour voters who are put off by Corbyn’s Eurosceptic negligence and inept leadership but who are also worried that we risk making it too easy for the Tories by splitting the opposition vote.

We are hearing these worries from some voters and they are not without foundation.

On paper, the Tory majority in Enfield Southgate looks onerous.  On the last two occasions David Burrowes has won 49.4% of the vote.

There is nonetheless cause for optimism.

Just over 29,000 people in Enfield Southgate voted Remain in the EU referendum, compared with the 22,000 who voted for Burrowes in the last two elections. Moreover, this constituency has changed hands before; the local population is not as wedded to partisan tribal politics as other parts of the country. In any case, the Brexit vote has ripped away at party loyalties.

So if we can recover the 6,000 voters we had in 2010 and also attract the votes of, say, 5,000 Conservative Remainers and 5,000 Labour supporters angry at Corbyn’s EU referendum performance (and more), it’s game on.

Given the demographics of Enfield Southgate, this isn’t so fanciful an idea.

And given, the feedback we are getting as we knock on doors and shove our leaflets through letterboxes, it’s clear there is real support for us out there and that it is growing.

Paddy Power have us at 66-1 to win Enfield Southgate. But it was 100-1 just a couple of days ago. I’m putting a tenner down before the odds come down further.

The momentum is with us. 

Dear Mrs May - you want to do what to my social media?

The Liberal Democrats have questioned plans by the Conservatives to hand powers to the government that would enable ministers to censor social media content.

Alistair Carmichael, Liberal Democrat shadow first secretary of state, said:

“It is certainly bold of the Conservatives to boast how they can protect people on the internet the day after the NHS has been hacked with a loophole apparently built by the US government.
“Government and technology companies must do more to find a real solution to problematic content online – but having a government agency deciding what constitutes acceptable free speech isn’t it.
“We need to be working with technology companies to address the problem of hate speech – not pretending it’s an easy problem that can be solved with a press release

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Conservatives let down Enfield Hospitals with complacent approach to cyber-security

Our pro NHS local investment Enfield candidate trio -- Pippa Morgan, Nick da Costa, and David Schmitz -- all support Lord Paddick's comments to the Conservative's failure to provide the NHS with sufficient security systems to protect them from cyber attacks

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Lib Dems announce plans to address housing shortage in Enfield

The Liberal Democrats have announced plans to address the housing shortage in Enfield and build more affordable homes. Pippa Morgan, Nick da Costa and Davis Schmitz all support these measures. 




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Lib Dems: We need “Careers for Heroes”

Liberal Democrats have yesterday announced a package of measures aimed at tackling recruitment and retention challenges across the Armed Force

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RCN warning on patients - Lamb responds

The Liberal Democrats have responded to a report by the Royal College of Nursing warning of the threat to patient safety caused by the number of nurses jobs left vacant.

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Lib Dems demand inquiry into why Tories cut cyber security support

The Liberal Democrats have demanded an inquiry into why the Conservatives cut cyber-security support a year ago when it axed a £5.5m deal with Microsoft

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Cable on Labour's Robin Hood tax

Vince Cable, Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor, has dismissed Labour's announcement on a Robin Hood tax.

Vince Cable said

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Paddy Ashdown steps up bid to save the Royal Marines as Lib Dems commit to 2% NATO Defence Spending

On the same day that the Liberal Democrats have announced a manifesto commitment to the NATO 2% defence spending target, former party Leader Paddy Ashdown has launched a petition to stop further cuts to the Royal Marines in which he served.

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David Davis comments on Peston

Responding to David Davis comments on Peston on Sunday that Britain could leave the EU without any deal, Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron said:


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Lib Dems commit to £780 pay rise for public sector workers


Lib Dems commit to £780 pay rise for public sector workers

Liberal Democrats have announced they would end years of pay restraint for nurses, teachers and police by lifting the 1% cap on public sector pay and up-rating wages in line with inflation. The plans would lead to an estimated pay rise of £780 for the average public sector worker by 2021.

In contrast, the Conservative's public sector pay cap combined with rising inflation since the Brexit vote will mean that by 2021 a new nurse will be £530 a year worse off, a primary school teacher £550 and an army sergeant £8

Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor Vince Cable commented:
“Public sector workers are facing a double blow at the hands of this Conservative government, with years of pitiful increases to pay combined with a Brexit squeeze caused by soaring inflation.
“Our NHS and schools are already struggling to recruit the staff they need.

"Living standards are falling, prices are rising and nurses are going to food banks – but Theresa May doesn’t care.
“A better future is available. We will stand up for our schools and hospitals and give hard-working nurses, teachers and police the pay rise they deserve.
"Within our carefully costed commitments, we believe government can and must lift the cap on public sector pay.”

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Ex-NHS chief David Nicholson backs Lib Dem 1p tax to save health service

The former head of the NHS David Nicholson has today backed LiberalDemocrat plans to put a penny on income tax to rescue the health and care service, in a major boost for the party.

He is amongst a group of 26 leading health experts including the ex-heads of the Royal College of Nursing, Royal College of GPs and Royal College of Psychiatrist who all backed the Lib Dem approach in a letter to the Observer today.

The letter states:

"The human cost of this crisis is already painfully clear. Waiting times are rising, there is particularly poor access for people with mental ill health and operations are being cancelled.

"For these reasons, we strongly welcome the Liberal Democrats’ commitment to raise income tax by 1p, to generate additional, ringfenced revenue for NHS and social care."

Liberal Democrat Shadow Health Secretary Norman Lamb commented:

"It is fantastic to have this support from those who have worked in all levels of our health service and understand the pressure it is now under. 

“There is a real sense of urgency because the system is close to tipping point.

"The NHS is in a very fragile state. It has had an extraordinarily tough winter without a flu epidemic and without cold conditions.

“Bluntly, we can’t carry on like this. Only the Lib Dems have a clear and credible plan for how we raise the money and get it into the NHS and the care system.”

For those of us in Enfield, this means supporting and saving our local hospitals like Chase Farm

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“Like your styles,” Harry should vote Lib Dem

Commenting on Harry Styles’ comments that he will vote for “whoever is against Brexit”, Liberal Democrat candidate for Richmond Park Sarah Olney said:

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Fibbing Tories

 Michael Fallon caught fibbing over cuts to troop numbers

Michael Fallon was challenged on the Andrew Marr Show today for breaking a Conservative promise not to reduce the size of the Army below 82,000.

Fallon today admitted the size of the army has fallen to 79,000, but tried to claim that the Conservatives had only said they would build the Army up to 82,000 by 2020.

This is despite the Conservative's 2015 manifesto clearly stating "we will not reduce the army to below 82,000

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Giving 16 year olds the vote

Enfield Liberal Democrats full support giving 16 and 17 year old people the vote, as does our candidate, Pippa Morgan. 


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Cyber Crime

Lib Dems: Fight against cybercrime at risk from bad Brexit deal


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NHS Funding - Normal Lamb

Responding to Labour's announcement on NHS funding today, LiberalDemocrat Shadow Health Secretary Norman Lamb said:


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Responding to Conservative proposals on workers' rights, Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor Vince Cable

Vince Cable on Workers Rights



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Pippa's Portillo Potential

Pippa's Portillo potential

Spanish Bills' take on Pippa's chances

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Changing Allegiances

Changing allegiances

By Spanish Bill, one of Pippa's volunteers talks through why he supports her
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Campaigning in Southgate, Winchmore Hill and Palmers Green

Pippa Morgan for Enfield Southgate's team were out in force over last week and the weekend covering.

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Big beasts return to Lib Dem front line as Farron announces election campaign team

The Liberal Democrats have announced a new General Election Campaign Team, with former ministers including Jo Swinson, Vince Cable and Ed Davey all returning to the Lib Dem frontbench

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David Davis’ €100 billion divorce bill shows why we need a vote on deal - Farron

Commenting on David Davis’ interview when he today said 'We will not pay €100bn', Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said:

“This is the latest unpaid bill by the Brexiteers. I guess they have thrown it on the pile with the £350 million per week, for the NHS.

“During the referendum no divorce bill was ever mentioned.  Then it was 50 billion and now it’s leaped to 100 billion. If that is Theresa May’s negotiating skills, doubling our bill after one meeting, we should all be deeply worried.

“People now don’t trust Brexiteers as far as they can throw them. People want a politics that is open, tolerant and united and not this rancour and division.

“The public are feeling a Brexit squeeze on their incomes with rising prices and spiralling costs.  This is why this election matters and why this election is a chance for people to change Britain’s future.

”This bill adds greater strength to the Liberal Democrat argument that we need a referendum on the deal.”

May Day Volunteering Success on Southgate Green

Enfield Lib Dems were out in force for Christ Church's annual fundraiser on the Green in Southgate. We were there to volunteer, help on the stalls and eat bacon butties and sweets, we also drank some beer, cheered the magnificent St Andrews Band and chatted with Chrichton and Philip.

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LibDems campaign in Enfield Lock

Enfield Lib Dems were out in Enfield Lock today supporting our candidate, Richard Morgan-Ash, in his bid to win a seat on Enfield's Council.

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Tory/UKIP electoral pact– Farron response

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has warned Conservative supporters that a vote for the Tories is a vote for UKIP after revelations that some Conservative MPs have been in negotiations with UKIP to save their seats.

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Digital to play a key role in Morgan's campaign

Join Pippa on her online platform profiles as she campaigns for Enfield Southgate

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New chair for Enfield Southgate

Enfield Exec unanimously appoint Joanne Cumper as new Chair of the Exec

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New fundraising lead joins the LibDem team

Enfield Lib Dems need YOU!

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