Meet Our Councillor Candidates - Vote Lib Dem on 3 May 2018



The Enfield Liberal Democrats want to represent residents in Enfield and are standing councillor candidates throughout the borough in the local government elections on 3 May 2018. On issues from road safety, council projects hurting local businesses, care for our elderly and disabled residents, air pollution, congestion and allocation of resources to our borough’s schools, we want to represent your concerns and get better outcomes for you by bringing a third way into Enfield’s political landscape.

Labour have become complacent and appear to have stopped listening. The Conservatives appear to lack the vision to make a vibrant roadmap for Enfield's future. Liberal Democrats offer a new alternative that Enfield badly needs. We will fight for every vote, listen to you and offer a positive vision for the borough's future.

EU nationals, you weren't able to vote in the EU referendum. It's time you have your say. Make sure to vote in the local elections on the 3rd of May. It will make a difference. Register to vote on line before April 17 2018 at:

All of this and much more, can be achieved if you vote to elect Liberal Democrat local councillors on 3 May 2018!

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