Matt J. McLaren

I've lived in Winchmore Hill (on Green Lanes, just down the road from the Methodist Church) for five years now. Despite having previously been politically active (having stood to represent Greater London in the European Parliament in 2014), I hadn't planned on standing in the forthcoming election to Enfield Council. That is until two hugely important issues changed my mind, one local and one national – Cycle Lanes and Brexit!


Like so many of my friends and neighbours, I have been absolutely enraged by the Labour Council’s Cycle Lanes project. Whatever the merits or otherwise of such a scheme, the way it has been implemented has completely disregarded local shops and business owners not to mention being enormously disruptive for residents enduring huge traffic disruption for months on end (in addition to ridiculously loud overnight roadworks vibrating through bedrooms at 3am!)


I support measures which promote sustainable transport solutions, improve transport capacity, and facilitate a healthier lifestyle; and therefore, in principle, would support the idea of dedicated cycle routes. But any such a project should have been done in an inclusive and consultative way, working with local residents and businesses, not imposing it on them!


Shops in Palmers Green and Winchmore Hill, already struggling with local business rates and other pressures, have been absolutely hammered by blocked entrances and huge transport disruption. The Labour Council could hardly have done more damage if they’d deliberately tried to strangle the High Street! Moreover, the design of new bus stops halts all traffic on busy Green Lanes every time a bus needs to stop – slowing traffic for everyone, both car drivers and bus passengers.


Labour must be held to account for their abject failure on this issue!


As for the Conservatives, we cannot escape the fact that, despite this being a local Council election, every vote cast for a Conservative candidate will be used by Theresa May and her incompetent Government as a show of support for their misguided and perilous Brexit strategy. I don’t know about you, but I just can't bring myself to support a Tory Party that seeks to lead the United Kingdom off the Brexit cliff-edge – one might as well vote UKIP!


I am therefore standing as a candidate for the Liberal Democrats – a party which believes in working with local residents and businesses rather than imposing unwanted and expensive projects on them; and will stop at nothing to give you the final say on the Brexit deal, rather than letting it become a Tory stitch-up.


So, If you want to send a clear message to the Labour Council that their management of the cycle lanes scheme has been woefully inadequate, needlessly disruptive, and economically catastrophic – but, like me, can't bring yourself to support Theresa May's Brexit-obsessed and unforgivably incompetent Conservative Party – please use your votes on 3rd May to support the Liberal Democrats.


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