Luke Cummings for Southbury

I’m Luke Cummings and I’m standing for the Liberal Democrats in the Southbury Ward By-Election on May 6th.

I grew up and went to school round here and I’m passionate about local politics. I have been involved in Enfield Area Youth Forum and a local mentor for the National Citizens Service. This has showed me what we can achieve when we work together and for each other. Sadly, this Council does not share this view, it seems to actively ignore us locally and just takes our votes for granted.

We currently have many thousands of people on our Council housing waiting lists, people who need proper safe secure family homes and our Council seems to only want to build flats for buy to let investors or people who could afford a flat anyway. They are over 1 Billion pounds in debt and still doing the wrong thing.

The Council will not change unless we change it, Labour and Conservatives have failed us and do not deserve our votes.  I will be a Councillor that listens and fights for our Community and brings our values of decency and co-operation to the Council.

Please vote for me, Luke Cummings, either by postal vote or at a polling station on May 6th for the Southbury Ward Council By-Election.

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