Meet Our Councillor Candidates - Vote Lib Dem on 3 May 2018



The Enfield Liberal Democrats want to represent residents in Enfield and are standing councillor candidates throughout the borough in the local government elections on 3 May 2018. On issues from road safety, council projects hurting local businesses, care for our elderly and disabled residents, air pollution, congestion and allocation of resources to our borough’s schools, we want to represent your concerns and get better outcomes for you by bringing a third way into Enfield’s political landscape.

Labour have become complacent and appear to have stopped listening. The Conservatives appear to lack the vision to make a vibrant roadmap for Enfield's future. Liberal Democrats offer a new alternative that Enfield badly needs. We will fight for every vote, listen to you and offer a positive vision for the borough's future.

EU nationals, you weren't able to vote in the EU referendum. It's time you have your say. Make sure to vote in the local elections on the 3rd of May. It will make a difference. Register to vote on line before April 17 2018 at:

All of this and much more, can be achieved if you vote to elect Liberal Democrat local councillors on 3 May 2018!

Helen Wallace



When I joined the Liberal Party we were campaigning to remain in the Common Market as
we believed this was the best place for Britain to grow and prosper with our European
partners. In 1988 I joined the Liberal Democrats which was the party formed from the
merged Liberal and Social Democratic Parties. I have not changed my opinion on Europe
and I believe that the British public have the right to vote on the final deal as a lot of
misinformation was put out during the referendum campaign. This decision is too
important to be left to the politicians at Westminster as the repercussions will affect our
lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren.
Originally from Yorkshire I moved to London approx. 30 years ago and have lived in Enfield,
Chase Ward, for over 20 years. I have become increasingly frustrated at Enfield Council’s
lack of accountability. I believe that residents should be consulted and listened to prior to
any decisions being taken. If I am elected on May 3 rd I will represent your interests on the

Richard Morgan Ash


Richard Morgan -Ash is against hard exit and Tory austerity, and wants to cut waste in Enfield Council to focus money on vital public services. He will fight to make Enfield Lock cleaner, safer place and to ensure that public money is spent wisely and effectively.

Richard grew up in Hackney and moved to Enfield via Aberystwyth University. He has been an active LibDem all of his life, previously being an active member of the Hackney party and chair of the student LibDem party at university.


Richard campaigned to remain in the European Union. He is a local activist as well as a vocal advocate of mental health. Richard works in IT in the city.

Joan Loughery Bushill


I was born in Ireland but have lived in London since 1976 and in Enfield since 1982.

I joined the Liberal Democrats because they stand for tolerance, fairness and free speech as well as having a clear mandate to remain in the EU. The Liberal Democrats are the only party campaigning for this.

I am a Health Professional working in the Edmonton area of Enfield. I see the correlation between poor housing conditions and families health, such as mental health issues like anxiety and depression. I also see air pollution resulting in asthma which affects those living near main roads. I am concerned for families that need the support of the local Children Centres. The Centres have had their budgets slashed dramatically limiting access, in venues accessible locally for families, for support around housing, budget management, parenting  and community  health services,.

Our NHS is our greatest national asset and helping it adapt, survive and thrive in the 21st Century is a major challenge. The Liberal Democrat policy of a RING-FENCED penny on the pound of income tax for NHS and Social Care is one that I feel is essential to bring NHS spending in line with other large countries.

If elected I will be pressing for genuinely affordable homes for Enfield Families and for better long term planning for essential services such as schools, health centres and other community assets.

Guy Russo


Guy is one of the three Liberal Democrat candidates in Chase ward. He is asking for your vote so that he can offer new, fresh and optimistic representation to the community that he was born and raised in. It is time, Guy says, for a new beginning.

“We need a new beginning in Chase. What we don’t say enough about Chase is that it is really quite different to the rest of Enfield. It is a unique and beautiful area filled with special people that are crying out for a better sense of community. That’s why we need special, different representation for this special, different ward. I strongly believe that we can only build a more connected, open community by electing Liberal Democrat councillors who truly understand just how much we need one.

Chase needs a new beginning on transport, with a more frequent W10 bus fit to serve our community, and Oyster travel into Hertfordshire.

Chase needs a new beginning on road safety, to make Crews Hill, Clay Hill and the A10 less dangerous, less clogged, and greener.

And Enfield overall needs a new beginning on democracy, with its first group of Liberal Democrat councillors smashing the broken two-party system which has let you down over and over again – introducing fairer consultations and making the Council easier to contact and more responsive to residents.

I am ready and willing to begin the fight on May 4th for a better Chase in a better Enfield. So please, on May 3rd, vote for Enfield’s new beginning. Vote Liberal Democrat.” 


Anthony (Tony) Kidman

I graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and, after a short-service commission in the Royal Navy and work for a contractor, joined BP in 1978 to work on offshore pipeline design and construction. I married the same year and we have two sons, both of whom are now married, and one grandson. Another grandchild is expected soon! I retired from BP in 1992 and worked for a construction firm and in Structural Engineering. I have now been fully retired for two years and find life is very full of demands on my time. My wife and I look after our grandson one day each week, we travel in the UK and abroad, I paint watercolours, grow organic vegetables, keep fit at a gym and often help my sons with DIY at their homes. Having lived through governments of the other main parties I became a Lib Dem.

Laura Woodland


"I had never been a member of a political party until 2016. Then 23rd June happened and I was disappointed by the outcome of the Referendum to leave the EU. I was shocked by the rise in hate crimes and racism. I was worried about the economy. I was angered by the misinformation presented by the Leave campaign.

I realised that I had to channel my energy and get properly involved with politics in order to make my voice heard. I want to live in a sustainable, open and compassionate country. So I joined the Liberal Democrats – and here I am, Standing for Highlands Ward in Enfield on behald of the Liberal Democrats and keen to make a positive contribution."

John Macrory


I joined the party 2 days after the 2015 General Election, rather in a state of shock at the decimation of the Liberal Democrat representation in Parliament. Whatever might be the reasons for that, it seemed to me quite wrong that the voice of a party that in my view represented moderate, decent, common sense opinion should not be prominently heard. So rather than merely complain about the injustice of it all, I decided to do something about it.

 And I’m very glad I did -  along with thousands of others of the same mind who have joined up for the same reasons. Quite apart from the politics, its been great fun meeting new people of a similar outlook, getting involved in various campaigning events, and taking advantage of the many opportunities the party has for volunteering.

The Enfield Party has grown significantly in the last few years and I think Enfield is ready to have Liberal Democrat representation across the Borough. That is why I have decided to stand in Enfield Highway this election. If you are tired of the same old answers from the other two then please use your vote on May 3rd 2018 to choose something better for Enfield.

Dr Lorice Stainer


As a resident in the Borough for over 50 years and member of the Liberals/LiberalDemocrats for also as long, I am extremely passionate about their forward thinking and concern with every aspect of local life, especially education, health and housing. As an individual who has stood many a time in Enfield, I believe I can make a contribution by instilling 'common sense' and efficiency in the local political arena. It seems that intolerance and divisiveness have accelerated the issue of crime and dismantling communities and, thus, I believe that I can encourage individuals to have a voice and contribute positively to societal needs.

Stuart Laycock


I have lived here and raised a family here for many years. I love the area and would value the opportunity to serve it and its residents as councillor. I have never seen Britain as divided as it is today, and in such a difficult political environment it's vital that the centre ground has a strong voice speaking loudly, with people prepared to make the values of Britain's centre ground their priority. If I am elected a councillor I will stand up for the centre ground in Enfield