Local Government and Political Reform

This Labour Council has left many residents feeling ignored and unengaged, with a consultation process often appearing to disregard their opinions. The Labour administration can be difficult to contact and scrutinise. Liberal Democrats do not believe this is the way that local governance should work.  Lib Dem councillors will:

  • Increase the transparency of council spending so you know where your money is spent.
  • Make sure consultations are community led and offer genuine choice. No more take it or leave it options but a greater breadth of vision to give our residents meaningful input.
  • Be transparent with the outcomes of all our consultations to prove democratic accountability. The poor Cycle Enfield consultation must never be repeated.
  • Make it easier to get in touch with Enfield council and navigate the council website.
  • Ensure that our policies are evidence based rather than ideological. This allows you to make an informed assessment of our work.
  • The Liberal Democrats believe in localism and community politics, and want to work closely with Enfield’s outstanding charitable sector to help counter the worst impacts of the Conservative government’s cuts; raising their profile and enabling not restricting their ability to continue their vital work.
  • The Liberal Democrats are the party of political reform – we support votes at age 16, proportional representation and campaign finance reform at the national and local level.
  • We also believe that making our politics engaging and relevant to our younger residents is the best hope for the future of Enfield. We would work to expand the profile and influence of Enfield’s Youth Parliament.
  • Launch an initiative to find ways to reform the way business rates work in Enfield. The aim of this initiative is to look to ask for a larger contribution from national and international corporations based in the borough to subsidize reduced rates for small, independent, local businesses and help regenerate our high streets.
  • Under the coalition, Lib Dems gave councils more powers, more freedoms, and fewer cumbersome regulations including a ‘General Power of Competence’, we intend to use these in Enfield to provide proactive local governance.

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