John Macrory


I joined the party 2 days after the 2015 General Election, rather in a state of shock at the decimation of the Liberal Democrat representation in Parliament. Whatever might be the reasons for that, it seemed to me quite wrong that the voice of a party that in my view represented moderate, decent, common sense opinion should not be prominently heard. So rather than merely complain about the injustice of it all, I decided to do something about it.

 And I’m very glad I did -  along with thousands of others of the same mind who have joined up for the same reasons. Quite apart from the politics, its been great fun meeting new people of a similar outlook, getting involved in various campaigning events, and taking advantage of the many opportunities the party has for volunteering.

The Enfield Party has grown significantly in the last few years and I think Enfield is ready to have Liberal Democrat representation across the Borough. That is why I have decided to stand in Enfield Highway this election. If you are tired of the same old answers from the other two then please use your vote on May 3rd 2018 to choose something better for Enfield.

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