Joan Loughery Bushill


I was born in Ireland but have lived in London since 1976 and in Enfield since 1982.

I joined the Liberal Democrats because they stand for tolerance, fairness and free speech as well as having a clear mandate to remain in the EU. The Liberal Democrats are the only party campaigning for this.

I am a Health Professional working in the Edmonton area of Enfield. I see the correlation between poor housing conditions and families health, such as mental health issues like anxiety and depression. I also see air pollution resulting in asthma which affects those living near main roads. I am concerned for families that need the support of the local Children Centres. The Centres have had their budgets slashed dramatically limiting access, in venues accessible locally for families, for support around housing, budget management, parenting  and community  health services,.

Our NHS is our greatest national asset and helping it adapt, survive and thrive in the 21st Century is a major challenge. The Liberal Democrat policy of a RING-FENCED penny on the pound of income tax for NHS and Social Care is one that I feel is essential to bring NHS spending in line with other large countries.

If elected I will be pressing for genuinely affordable homes for Enfield Families and for better long term planning for essential services such as schools, health centres and other community assets.

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