Whilst we recognise the work of Enfield's housing renewal scheme we don't believe this goes far enough. We will create a council-owned Housing Partnership, following the successful example in Sutton, to manage council-owned housing and to build new properties. In our neighbouring borough Haringey Lib Dems have committed £148 million to get this working. This means the council can:

  • Build the homes local residents need, not the homes developers want built.
  • Place profits back into subsidized, genuinely affordable homes.
  • Plan for essential services and community spaces.
  • Prioritise properties for local people ahead of management companies and overseas investors.

We believe that this radical and progressive solution is the kind of Enfield we want to see.

  • The Liberal Democrats call for expanded housebuilding programmes, sympathetic to the local environment and with a focus on affordable housing, and when possible removing barriers to private-sector construction of affordable housing.
  • The Liberal Democrats will campaign for new powers to be granted to local authorities, and use powers already available to Enfield, preventing land-banking and bring empty homes into use, and to ensure developers do not renege on affordable housing commitments.
  • Councils should be given the right to end or reform ‘Right to Buy’ if they see fit, and to be able to borrow greater sums to finance home construction. This Conservative Government has thrown up far too many hurdles in the paths of local authorities eager to invest in social housing and develop their own solutions to local issues.
  • We will ensure the rights and interests of tenants are protected and promoted in any new housing policy adopted by the council.
  • Homelessness remains a national scandal. Too many councils, both Labour and Tory, have responded by degrading and scapegoating the homeless rather than helping them. Ending homelessness requires a dedicated strategy and more funding. We will trial a Housing First model within Enfield. We also support national campaigns to repeal the 1824 Vagrancy Act, which still criminalises rough sleeping.


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