Helen Wallace



When I joined the Liberal Party we were campaigning to remain in the Common Market as
we believed this was the best place for Britain to grow and prosper with our European
partners. In 1988 I joined the Liberal Democrats which was the party formed from the
merged Liberal and Social Democratic Parties. I have not changed my opinion on Europe
and I believe that the British public have the right to vote on the final deal as a lot of
misinformation was put out during the referendum campaign. This decision is too
important to be left to the politicians at Westminster as the repercussions will affect our
lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren.
Originally from Yorkshire I moved to London approx. 30 years ago and have lived in Enfield,
Chase Ward, for over 20 years. I have become increasingly frustrated at Enfield Council’s
lack of accountability. I believe that residents should be consulted and listened to prior to
any decisions being taken. If I am elected on May 3 rd I will represent your interests on the

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