Guy's Plan to Improve Chase

Guy is proud to call Chase home, but knows the challenges it faces all too well. With your support, he will be a Councillor who works hard to make Chase a better place to live.

From its famous parks to beloved high street, and across every one of its streets, Chase is a unique area that deserves a community champion who knows it well. 

Chase is home to people from all walks of life, and Guy believes in working hard to make it a fairer, safer and better connected place to raise a family, run a business and pursue your dreams.

Guy's plan to make Chase a better place to live involves:

1. Push for step-free access at Gordon Hill and Crews Hill stations.

"Step-free access to train stations is one important way to make an area fairer and demonstrate our commitment as a community to opportunity for all. As your Councillor I will work with Great Northern to make Gordon Hill and Crews Hill stations step-free accessible. It is a real shame that Great Northern have not yet implemented this, as the nearest place to join the Hertford North-Moorgate line that so many of us rely on is all the way in Grange Park! These stations in our area should be available to everyone in our community.”

2. Keep improving transport links to improve on the success of the new 456 bus.

"Since 2018 I’ve been calling on TFL to implement a route that links Chase to more of Enfield and runs more frequently than four or five times a day. I am delighted TFL have consulted, listened and implemented the new 456 route. This new route does exactly that, connecting Crews Hill and the north of Chase (one of the worst-connected parts of our borough) to Winchmore Hill, and running more services than the W10 did. Going forward, it remains the case that Crews Hill station is not served by the route.

I will keep asking for a solution to make sure London's northernmost rail station, where 100,000 journeys each year begin and end, is properly connected to the rest of the transport network. I will always campaign for better routes in Chase and across Enfield, not least improving the service of the 191 bus. Public transport is one of the best routes to a greener, fairer and thriving Enfield”

3. Be a voice for businesses on Lancaster Road (and beyond) and help them bounce back from Covid-19.

"Safe to say, our businesses have never more seriously needed a strong voice for them at the Civic Centre. The recent debacle in which the Council failed to pay out the support grants our local businesses need to stay afloat proves they've forgotten how important they are not just to our high street but our wider community.

As our small businesses try to bounce back from successive lockdowns, I will campaign for them, making sure they know they don't just have a vocal supporter but someone who will make sure the Council supports them the way they are supposed to."

If you agree, vote Guy Russo on May 6th to make Chase a better place to live.

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