Guy Russo demands Whitewebbs Protection

Guy Russo, Liberal Democrat campaigner in Enfield Chase, has launched a petition calling on Enfield Council to protect Whitewebbs as it leases it to private developers.

Guy says that any development must keep the current level of public access, and protect the ancient woodland.

"This historic green space belongs to the community." says Guy, who grew up in Chase and, like so many, has many fond memories from Whitewebbs over the years.

"Lockdowns have proved that we cherish our green spaces more than ever before, so we must not lose access to them."

"This Labour Council have form when it comes to saying they are listening to residents concerns and then promptly ignoring them. So we must continue to speak clearly - and demand they do not allow any developer to reduce our access to Whitewebbs, or damage its green and wonderful environment."

"Enfield Liberal Democrats will always stand up for community assets and protecting Enfield's cherished green spaces."

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