Guy Russo


Guy is one of the three Liberal Democrat candidates in Chase ward. He is asking for your vote so that he can offer new, fresh and optimistic representation to the community that he was born and raised in. It is time, Guy says, for a new beginning.

“We need a new beginning in Chase. What we don’t say enough about Chase is that it is really quite different to the rest of Enfield. It is a unique and beautiful area filled with special people that are crying out for a better sense of community. That’s why we need special, different representation for this special, different ward. I strongly believe that we can only build a more connected, open community by electing Liberal Democrat councillors who truly understand just how much we need one.

Chase needs a new beginning on transport, with a more frequent W10 bus fit to serve our community, and Oyster travel into Hertfordshire.

Chase needs a new beginning on road safety, to make Crews Hill, Clay Hill and the A10 less dangerous, less clogged, and greener.

And Enfield overall needs a new beginning on democracy, with its first group of Liberal Democrat councillors smashing the broken two-party system which has let you down over and over again – introducing fairer consultations and making the Council easier to contact and more responsive to residents.

I am ready and willing to begin the fight on May 4th for a better Chase in a better Enfield. So please, on May 3rd, vote for Enfield’s new beginning. Vote Liberal Democrat.” 

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