Liberal Democrats at every level of government have been pioneers in eco-friendly policies. Lib Dem controlled Sutton is the greenest borough in London. Enfield deserves the same.

  • Enfield’s parks and green spaces contribute hugely to quality of life in the borough e.g. in Broomfield Park we want to support the Palmers Greenery Community Cafe to ensure its continued success. This can best be achieved by campaigning for the removal of the unhealthy fast food truck that is positioned right outside the area our children play in.
  • Well maintained parks are essential for promoting a healthier lifestyle. We will look to work with sports and fitness users such as the North London Netball League in Broomfield Park to ensure their continued benefit for better fitness in Enfield.
  • We are committed to increasing accessibility to parks and green spaces, ensuring all residents have high-quality parkland and open space nearby and promoting tree planting and community gardening schemes.
  • Enfield Lib Dems envision a greener future for the borough. We will promote renewable power, energy efficiency, recycling, and zero-waste strategies in the projects and properties it runs, and help local businesses and households to follow this path. This strong leadership on environmental issues is especially important. You can’t trust the Tories on this – the moment the Conservatives were left in charge they reversed many green initiatives the Liberal Democrats introduced in Coalition.
  • We campaign tirelessly for cleaner air in Enfield. We are concerned that current proposals from the Mayor of London do not go far enough to tackle air pollution in our borough, especially from the highest polluting vehicles, and risk diverting polluting traffic from central London onto our streets.
  • We will lead the way by reducing the emissions of council vehicles (including contractors and suppliers), working with stakeholders to find the right emission control arrangements for our communities and roll out infrastructure for electric vehicles.
  • Fly-tipping is blighting Enfield. Labour’s exorbitant charges for large item removal have got us in this mess and their bureaucratic reporting system stops it from being cleared up. Liberal Democrat will overhaul the system and work with you to stamp out fly-tipping.
  • See our transport section for our vision for the future of cycling in the borough.

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