Enfield Southgate - Rob Wilson

Hi, I'm Rob. I came into politics to make a positive difference, a brighter future for us all.

I was appalled at the way our politics has been taken over by the extremists and those who threaten rather than talk whilst nothing positive gets done.

I am part of a movement to heal our country and end this division.

I have, as may of us do, a family member who will be put in danger if imported medications are compromised by a No Deal or a Tory / Labour Brexit. Our families and friends whose health and livelihoods would be affected by Brexit are being used as pawns in a political game, they are seen as a price worth paying, that in the whole scheme of things they don't really matter.

Well they matter to me.

We can win and must win again here. This election, don't waste your vote on the two tired old parties and vote for me, Rob Wilson on the 12th of December.

We have some great policies that would greatly improve the lives of us all in Enfield Southgate including our renewable energy policy and home re insulation, our free childcare for children over 9 months, 20,000 more teachers and £10 Billion for schools, our plans to tackle knife crime and our plans to treat mental health as well as physical health properly on our NHS.

Please contact me, I'd love to hear from you. For email I'm on [email protected] , for facebook I'm on @RobforSouthgate and for twitter I'm on @RobforSouthgate


Hope to speak to you soon!

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