Empty Homes

Are you tired of each side blaming the other while local people aren’t getting the houses they need? We certainly are...

Enfield High Street has a number of empty flats sitting above the shops at a time Enfield is in desperate need of housing. Enfield council is trying to build more houses but is suffering delays, we have to use all possible housing stock and it’s a crying shame we have unused housing stock at this time of need.

The housing gateway instrument could be used for this. It is designed to secure local properties for local people with housing needs after all…

Either they aren’t using it properly or it’s not the right solution.

It is not good enough at this time of need for Labour to say the Conservatives are cutting our budgets and the Conservatives saying Labour are wasting money.

Enfield Liberal Democrats offer solutions instead of point scoring.

We would build a housing policy that has been proven to work that involves both the public and private sector.

We have already done this in Lewisham and it provides 19,000 houses.

We could do this here, will you join us in making homes available for local people? Mail us on [email protected] and let’s get this working

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