Education is at the heart of the Liberal Democrat agenda. Every child deserves the best start in life. But Conservative school cuts mean that children’s chances are determined too often by their parents’ income.

  • Enfield’s schools must be protected from cuts including any reduction in the pupil premium - funding targeted at disadvantaged children. Additionally, we will work with schools to find different ways of helping to reverse the worst impacts of the Tories’ cuts.
  • Nationally the Conservatives have restricted the abilities of local authorities to start new schools and intervene in failing schools, and have imposed an agenda of academization. We are campaigning nationally to give more control over school's back to the local authority. Liberal Democrat Councillors will make sure that we include the whole community in assessing where to develop sites for new schools and ensure that academies aren’t the only option for Enfield’s children.
  • The outdoors has proven benefits to both physical and mental wellbeing and Enfield is fortunate to have some wonderful public green spaces. We are looking to promote the forest school's already operating in the borough and expand their capacity.
  • Expensive or difficult to access childcare can make the option of returning to work impossible for many residents. We would look to ensure that any major housing developments plan community spaces to encourage an increase in capacity and competition for childcare.
  • The well-being of students in Enfield schools must be a priority. This includes the expansion of breakfast clubs, mental health training for staff and anti-bullying strategies.
  • Any future educational infrastructure and initiatives must be considered in light of its potential impacts on disabled and disadvantaged students. We would look to work with schools to see where we can improve existing facilities. We want to ensure more parents get their first choice when applying for school places.
  • To create a safe learning environment, all forms of discrimination, such as homophobia, Islamophobia, transphobia, anti-Semitism, and xenophobia, must be eliminated from our schools and larger community. We will lead public awareness campaigns across Enfield to ensure our young people can learn in an inclusive and respectful environment.

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