Dr Iman Saadoune for Jubilee

Hi, I’m Iman Saadoune and I have lived here in Jubilee ward for 22 years. I’m standing for the Liberal Democrats in the Jubilee Ward Council By-Election because I’m tired of this Council and the way it’s run. This Council doesn’t listen to us. It doesn’t consult us and even when people raise a petition, they find a way to ignore us.

It’s time for this to stop. It’s time for this to change. Here in Jubilee the Council is supporting a new incinerator being built on our doorstep. This will produce pollution and greenhouse gases for at least 25 years. Much of this waste is items that could be recycled. Even if Enfield improves its recycling it will have to import waste to burn. This seems crazy and a complete disincentive to do anything else than just burn recycling and very few people locally seem to know this is happening.

The heat from this burning is being used in part to heat the Councils new development at Meridian Waters. This development is being built on our land and incurring part of a huge debt (over £1 Billion) that the Council is building up in our name. These houses are not being built for people on the Councils housing list, they are being built in a way attractive to buy to let investors. This is not what the Council should be doing.

We need to build truly affordable housing, clean up our air and display financial responsibility for our residents. That is not what this Labour and Conservative Council is doing. If you believe it is time for change then vote for me, Dr Iman Saadoune, for the Jubilee Ward Council By-Election by postal vote or at a polling station on May 6th.





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