Dear Mrs May - you want to do what to my social media?

The Liberal Democrats have questioned plans by the Conservatives to hand powers to the government that would enable ministers to censor social media content.

Alistair Carmichael, Liberal Democrat shadow first secretary of state, said:

“It is certainly bold of the Conservatives to boast how they can protect people on the internet the day after the NHS has been hacked with a loophole apparently built by the US government.
“Government and technology companies must do more to find a real solution to problematic content online – but having a government agency deciding what constitutes acceptable free speech isn’t it.
“We need to be working with technology companies to address the problem of hate speech – not pretending it’s an easy problem that can be solved with a press release

Joanne Cumper, Enfield Lib Dem chair said - this is quiet a move by the government, working in Digital I have seen these kinds of powers used in places where you would not consider there to be free speech, or a free press. 

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