CONsultation Part 4 - Experimental Traffic Orders

Don’t fancy a public enquiry? Don’t worry, there’s a rule for that…

The notice below was published in the Enfield Advertiser on 11th July 2018, announcing controversial changes to local traffic policy.

What appears to be missing is that this is being proposed to be run under an Experimental Traffic Order.

Why would that be?

One of the features of an Experimental Traffic Order is you do not have to hold a public enquiry into the proposals. These same proposals had earlier generated 1600 objections under statutory consultations.

Whatever you think about the proposal in question, there is something unfair about how the Labour-controlled Enfield Council has chosen to go about it. They have decided to push through a controversial proposal using an obscure technique that denies the public a meaningful say.

Whilst all this may be legal, if you agree with us that it’s not democracy mail us at [email protected]

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