CONsultation Part 3 - More Unfair Consultations

Enfield Council's consultation on the Quieter Neighbourhood scheme, while for a laudable goal, has provided yet more evidence that we should be concerned about the council's culture of how they treat the opinions of local residents. We have large concerns about if they really want anyone’s opinion if it doesn’t match theirs.

Residents affected by the recent Fernleigh Road area scheme have complained about a number of issues with the process

  1. Generic leaflets for the proposal that didn’t actually mention the changes or give the residents enough detail to develop an informed opinion. 
  2. No maps or documentation on the relevant page of the Cycle Enfield website, again making it harder to develop an informed opinion for or against the proposal.
  3. A very short window of consultation, reducing opportunities for affected residents to voice their opinions. 
  4. Urging out of area people to take part in the consultation, which may be seen as an attempt to 'game' the outcome by diluting the concerns of those actually affected by the proposals. 

Enfield Council has a habit of asking like this, in a way that is ‘legal’ but not fair, complying with the letter of the law but not the spirit.

We need to restore some true democracy to this. Join us at [email protected]

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