Changing Allegiances

Changing allegiances

By Spanish Bill, one of Pippa's volunteers talks through why he supports her


Like many others who have moved from Haringey, Hackney, or Islington to Enfield Southgate, it hasn't been a hard journey. It's just a few more stops up the Piccadilly or Great Northern lines after all, and the leafier environment, safer streets, better schools, and cheaper house prices make up for the extra time it takes to commute to work or have fun 'Down West'. 
The journey from one political party to another, though, is an altogether tougher one. Or at least it used to be, because the Brexit vote has changed everything and arguably made UK politics less tribal than it used to be.
That's the impression I've got from knocking on doors, canvassing voter opinion in Enfield Southgate on behalf of the Liberal Democrats, and one that chimes with my own personal experience.
That's because I have been a Labour voter all my life. Until now, that is. 
Aghast at how my old party has been taken over by the hard-left and led so ineptly by Jeremy Corbyn, and angry at his half-hearted and disingenuous approach to the EU referendum (he went on holiday during the campaign!), my switch to the Lib Dems was a lot easier than I would have previously imagined.
What's clear post-Brexit is that changing your political allegiance is not like changing your football team -- it's not unthinkable. 
In fact, as the recent local elections show, it's happening all across the country. Take the implosion of the Ukip vote -- many of those were former Labour voters and now they are Tories!
Similarly, in cosmopolitan London -- not least Enfield Southgate, with its large Cypriot and Jewish base -- many traditional Labour voters are switching to us. 
For pro-European, centrist Conservative voters in Enfield Southgate angry at the Brexiteer stance of our local MP, David Burrowes, there is also only one place to go -- the Lib Dems.
From Haringey, Hackney, and Islington to Enfield (and Barnet too), we are making big inroads in North London. 
Come join me and others on this journey. It really is for the best.

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