On the 3rd of May use your vote to deliver a strong message against Brexit. The fact is, despite this being a local election, every vote cast for a Conservative candidate will be used by Boris’ Brexiteers as a show of support for their misguided and dangerous Brexit gamble. As for Labour, Corbyn’s long-held anti-EU stance means Labour will always roll-over on Brexit. The only party standing up for Britain’s place in Europe in this election are the Liberal Democrats.

Every vote for a Liberal Democrat candidate in this election is a vote against the economically ruinous, highly divisive hard Brexit relentlessly pursued by both the Conservative and Labour parties.

Unlike Labour and the Tories, Liberal Democrats believe the consequences of a bad deal are too important to be left to the politicians alone. You should have the final say on any Brexit, including the option to exit from Brexit.

Until now, EU citizens have been denied a say on their own future. This election is the first chance for you to make your voice heard and vote for the party of Europe. The Liberal Democrats are standing up for you.

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There is no mandate for a hard Brexit and we have been campaigning locally to:

  • Remain in the customs union and the single market.
  • Protect the freedoms to travel and work that come with our membership of the European Union.
  • Celebrate the positive contributions of EU migrants and stand up for their rights.
  • Promote the view that, in the modern world, effective solutions on issues from climate change to crime and terrorism requires international cooperation.
  • Stand up for the reality that British interests in trade and security requires working with other nations. We recognise the risks Brexit poses to integral sectors of our economy.

There needs to be a frank and honest debate about Brexit, including its impact within Enfield. The national Conservative government has not been forthright about the true impacts of Brexit, and been intolerant towards differing views in this debate. We can help push back against this inadequate national debate by engaging in open debate at the local level. Enfield Lib Dem councillors would push for publicly available impact statements so all residents of Enfield can understand the impacts Brexit will have on our borough.

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