Welcome to the Enfield Liberal Democrats.


We are a friendly and active community group of Enfield residents of all ages and backgrounds who are committed to representing the values of Liberty, Equality and Community in the Borough. We are currently working towards getting Enfield's first ever Lib Dem councillors elected. We have seen a huge rise in membership and are standing the largest amount of candidates we have stood in over a decade. 

We meet during the day, evenings and at weekend's so there is always a time to get involved. Come along and find out what the Buzz is about.

If you want to see how you can get involved and help give Enfield a Liberal voice please get in touch; there are many ways you can contribute and however little or much you can give will always be appreciated.

Meet the Executive Committee

Dave Mitchell - Party Chair




Dave was born in Edmonton in the 1980's, grew up and went to school in Enfield North in the 1990's and now lives in Enfield Southgate and is passionate about his Enfield roots. David decided to join the party in 2015. 

"I feel strongly that Enfield is a heartland of Liberal values;  vibrant, entrepreneurial, and diverse it is a community with a big social conscience and history of innovation. I got involved locally to reflect that spirit and to speak out for the under represented in the Borough. I have met some great people since getting involved in local politics and looking forward to meeting more fellow residents as we build our vision of a Liberal London; so come along and say hello!"


Laura Woodland - Party Secretary





"I had never been a member of a political party until 2016. Then 23rd June happened and I was disappointed by the outcome of the Referendum to leave the EU. I was shocked by the rise in hate crimes and racism. I was worried about the economy. I was angered by the misinformation presented by the Leave campaign.

I realised that I had to channel my energy and get properly involved with politics in order to make my voice heard. I want to live in a sustainable, open and compassionate country. So I joined the Liberal Democrats – and here I am, Secretary for the Enfield Liberal Democrats and keen to make a positive contribution."


John Macrory - Party Treasurer




I joined the party 2 days after the 2015 General Election, rather in a state of shock at the decimation of the Liberal Democrat representation in Parliament. Whatever might be the reasons for that, it seemed to me quite wrong that the voice of a party that in my view represented moderate, decent, common sense opinion should not be prominently heard. So rather than merely complain about the injustice of it all, I decided to do something about it.

 And I’m very glad I did -  along with thousands of others of the same mind who have joined up for the same reasons. Quite apart from the politics, its been great fun meeting new people of a similar outlook, getting involved in various campaigning events, and taking advantage of the many opportunities the party has for volunteering.

Come and join us!