David Davis’ €100 billion divorce bill shows why we need a vote on deal - Farron

Commenting on David Davis’ interview when he today said 'We will not pay €100bn', Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said:

“This is the latest unpaid bill by the Brexiteers. I guess they have thrown it on the pile with the £350 million per week, for the NHS.

“During the referendum no divorce bill was ever mentioned.  Then it was 50 billion and now it’s leaped to 100 billion. If that is Theresa May’s negotiating skills, doubling our bill after one meeting, we should all be deeply worried.

“People now don’t trust Brexiteers as far as they can throw them. People want a politics that is open, tolerant and united and not this rancour and division.

“The public are feeling a Brexit squeeze on their incomes with rising prices and spiralling costs.  This is why this election matters and why this election is a chance for people to change Britain’s future.

”This bill adds greater strength to the Liberal Democrat argument that we need a referendum on the deal.”

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