£1 Billion in Debt and its a pay rise for the faithful


At a time where councillors are quitting the Enfield Labour party claiming cronyism, bullying and selling out of Labour values Enfield’s Labour Council has decided to come up with more ‘Special Responsibility Allowances’.

These are paid to extra associate cabinet members and heads of new committees that that are in the gift of the council to create. An extra associate member is awarded an extra £7,608 on top of their pay for example.

Enfield’s Labour Council has debts that have just topped £1 Billion.

This is a Labour council that even Labours own National Executive Committee does not trust to select their own candidates for the next council election without oversight. Over and over Enfield Labour has failed its residents and its own members.

We believe that the time has come for this council to be voted out and that the Conservatives, the party that would not even fund hungry children’s meals, are not the answer.

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